Christopher Coppola

Producer and Director, PlasterCITY Productions Inc.

Christopher Coppola, President of PlasterCITY Productions Inc., has been a champion of and leader in digital media for over a decade.  Since 1987, he has directed nine feature films, numerous television shows and developed and produced content for alternative distribution and interactive platforms. . He is currently producing the second film in a slate of sixteen genre “digi-flicks,” the filming of which gives advanced film students the opportunity to gain valuable production experience while working with film industry professionals.

PlasterCITY Productions Inc. is located in the iconic Sentinel Building in San Francisco, California.

Sacred Blood

From the Vine to the Vein

A tragic vampire love story set in the streets of San Francisco. Starring Anna Biani, Bai Ling, Michael Madsen. Introducing Bailey Coppola.

"Jungle Movie"

A psychological thriller from deep in the Belizean jungles.