The Torch trailer is here!!!

Watch the Torch Trailer!

Torch will have its WORLD PREMIERE at the 40th Mill Valley Film Festival October 8, 2017.

Super 8 Shootout winner!

Super 8 Shootout winner!

Kitt Koppola and Kodak are proud to present Miguel Novelo with the “Sheriff Star” for winning the 2016 SFAI Super 8 Shoot Out.

Into Tomorrow

Christopher Coppola speaks about PAH NATION, 360 filmmaking, Intel and Kodak on Dave Graveline’s “Into Tomorrow” during CES 2016.

Kodak – Super 8

Kodak – Super 8

“Back in the early 70’s my younger brother Nicolas Cage and I made several short narrative Super 8 films together. I shot and directed, Nicolas starred in them. Our Super 8 experience not only prepared us for our professional careers it was a happy time from our childhood. There’s nothing like making a Super 8 film, sending it to a lab, getting it back in the mail and projecting it at home. It is pure magic.” – CRC

CES 2016 – Day 2

Day Two Video Content

Slight hang over but ready to do my job about the importance of not just being plugged in. Stay Charged!

San Francisco Art Institute student Seth Rediker interviews Sony representative Van Nguyen about the new developments in consumer camera technology.